Monday, July 13, 2009

The diaper change and the epiphany

Today I had the pleasure of taking care of the Foster children, Eleanor and John. If you have ever spent time with the both of them, you will quickly notice something...they are vastly different. Eleanor is an outgoing, outspoken, warm, loving, friendly little girl. She will become best friends with whomever will smile at her. And probably with people who don't. John, on the other hand is very unsure of what life has to offer. He prefers his mommy over anyone, he does not enjoy separation from her, he doesn't like sudden movements or sounds and he despises any kind of change...and that includes his diaper.

So, it happened that it was time for his diaper to be changed. He was wailing and kicking as if I had just sawed off one of his limbs. The little buddy was so ticked off at me and somehow I managed to wrestle a new, clean one on him. (I should coach for the WWF--I even managed to do this without wearing poop. By the way, I just learned there is a wrestling term called the "trapping headbutt". I am pretty sure I could tie that into here somewhere.) As I was doing this, I started talking to him and a thought came to my mind and it made me smile. I said to the squirmy little man, "John, you are just the kind of boy God wants to make into a warrior." Think about it. It's true isn't it? Throughout the Old Testament, the Lord calls out the most fearful, wimpy little fellas to do some crazy "manly" things. I loved picturing Baby John as a preacher in some foreign country loving on people and telling them about Jesus. I wonder what injustice he will fight against and what bold grace he will offer against society's norm. My favorite part about all of this is that Baby John is just the kind of hero we need. We need him because we can relate to him. If God uses the fearful to bring about His will in epoch proportions, maybe, just maybe he can use me, too. The good Lord knows how I hate my diaper to be changed!