Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A nostril, a coffee bean, and a toilet

It all began at breakfast time. I must first explain a few things about meal time with two four year olds. It is inevitable that three things happen at least once during a meal: someone falls off the chair, a cup is spilled, and someone has to use the restroom. It is a common ritual for Seth to suddenly jump up without a word in the middle of eating, run to the bathroom, quickly pull down his pants and start a #2. He usually occupies his time with singing. During one of his random bathroom runs, Lydia asked me for a coffee bean to sniff and of course, being the thoughtful twin sister that she is, she asked for one for Seth so he, too, can enjoy the coffee bean while on the pot (which is much different than a coffee pot). After a couple of minutes, we hear Seth say, "I can't get the coffee bean out! Daddy, can you help me?" Yes. It happened. What every child must experience at some point in his/her young life, he shoved it up his nostril. Matt went in the bathroom armed with tweezers, and to no avail he was unable to retrieve the coffee bean.
I must interupt the story here to say that once a week I make it to the office for Devotions. It is a wonderful time when I get to interact with adults, participate in a Bible study, and well...enjoy not changing a diaper or spilling something on myself. Today was one of those "Devos Days" and I watched as all of my adult conversation got clogged up a nostril of my son who was still working on his #2. We thought the emergency room was the next step. Thankfully, the good 'ole farmer's blow (commonly known as the snot rocket) came in handy and it saved the day, saved us an ER bill, and saved my "Devos Day". The moral of the story is: never give a four year old a coffee bean while sitting on the pot.


Lena said...

this story makes my heart happy! It gave me quite a chuckle and totally explained by Lydia ran out of dinner to the bathroom when I was babysitting with Jackie =) You are a great story teller my friend!

Ashleigh said...

Kylee--this story was great. I needed a good laugh today! Shane is sick =( I'm just getting over something--not sure if I passed what I had on to him. Anyway, I miss you and your kids. I'm reminded of you often as I get to know Shane. Tell Seth & Lydia that Ash-u-leigh says hi!